Online Foreign Language Courses

Recognize the learning possibilities

lambaIn case you have a strong goal or a dream, recognizing that the knowledge of one or of more foreign languages can help you realize them, you have already taken the first step to success.

Choose the most suitable program for you

fakosThink of your goals, the time span you can devote to your studies and the amount of money you can spend on them. We can always help you make the right choice since our programs are flexible and they are adjusted to your personal needs.


pencil 2After you have found the suitable program, it is time for you to enroll. You are able to pay the tuition fees either in the form of a one-off payment or in installments. In case you choose the one-off payment, you can benefit from a 10% discount. You have the possibility of buying a four-week lesson unity every time. In this way, the tuition fees payment will be easier for you. As soon as the lessons you have bought have been completed, you buy the next lesson unity and you continue with the program of your studies.

Get prepared

1369862042_emblem-soundWe will be in telephone contact with you in order to give you the instructions that will help you start. You will become acquainted with the platform of the virtual class by taking a testing lesson. You will get to know the platform of the educational material of our website together with us.


pcStart your studies at your own pace, from the location you will choose, under the guidance of our efficient degree-holder teachers who will support and instruct you in every step you are going to take. The lessons in the virtual class are private lessons in real time which include a teaching board, grammar tuition, understanding and practice both in oral and written speech, exercises, tests and videos. You can download the video of the lesson you did in class and use it during your study. You can visit our website with the educational material that accompanies every class lesson at any time suitable for you, 24 hours a day. You can download both the grammar and the educational material. This will give you the ability to exploit your study at the most. Depending on your schedule, solve the exercises and do the activities of every lesson, and the revision tests as well, whenever it is convenient to you. The educational material of all the lessons you have already done is always at your disposal so as to be able to revise.

It is important to bear in mind that there is a predetermined number of lessons required for the preparation in degree acquisition programs. Nevertheless, the programs can be prolonged, if you wish to.

Acquire your degree – Appreciate your knowledge

ptixio_orangeDepending on the program you have selected, you can take exams for the acquisition of the first degree. Otherwise, you can opt for the continuation of your studies and take exams later for the acquisition of a degree of a higher level. Even if you are not interested in a degree acquisition, it is important to check the level of your knowledge. Every time you reach a specific level of knowledge (e.g. A2, B1, etc.), you can participate in the corresponding exams to acquire a degree or you can just confirm the level of your knowledge with the revision tests you will do in the virtual class and on the website platform as well. In case you take part in exams, we will inform you about the time and the enrolment procedure of yours and, if it is possible, we will carry out your enrolment.

Goal achievement

ptixio_blueAfter having completed your studies, you achieve your goals and you are rewarded with a recognized advantage that will open new horizons to you in the future.

Use your knowledge and your qualifications

briefcaseTaking advantage of the knowledge and the qualifications you have acquired you can start a brilliant career, carry on with your education in the next level or even create your own enterprise.

Contact us

mailNow that you know the way in which you can achieve what you intend to, we assure you that we can help you make it true, provided you start your studies with us. If you are dubious about the program or the degree you are going to select, do not worry. We will be glad to have a discussion with you and help you make the best choice possible.

We are ready and we expect to listen to your plans and help you find the program that suits you best.

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